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Wood Recovery Processes
ISPM 15 Compliant
We reclaim pallet components from the disassembly of unwanted pallets, recovering lumber to repair used pallets or manufacture new pallets from recycled material

Remanufactured Pallets

Pallets assembled using all recovered pallet components and/or with some new lumber as requested by customer

New Pallets
New Pallets

  • Exotic Pallets
  • Standard Stringer style pallets
  • Block style pallets
  • Oversize Pallets
  • Lumber

ISPM 15 CompliantISPM 15 Compliant

We have our own Heat Treating facility to treat and stamp pallets for worldwide wide export

Paper Products
Paper Products

  • In our commitment to total recycling Lumber and Things also provides a full service paper recycling program which includes corrugate, chipboard and solid fiber craft collection and conversion
  • Solid Fiber Kraft Paper, Chipboard and corrugated slip sheets are recovered and converted into usable

Designer Colored Mulch
Designer Colored Mulch

  • Lumber N Things uses the best equipment available to recover over
    48,000,000 pounds of wood waste per year, converting it into an
    environmentally friendly, post consumer product…..
  • In comparison, this would be equivalent to covering over 20 square miles, or 9720 football fields with 6
    inches of mulch

Pallet Repair and Removal

We can set up a program to remove all wooden pallets, repair those that can be and return usable pallets to customers. Un-repairable and odd sized pallets will be recycled through our wood recovery department

Reverse Distribution Logistics

We can create a closed loop between you and your customers to recover re-usable packaging and provide an integrated plan to reduce the overall cost of your wooden pallet program

National Pallet Management Programs

Transportation LogisticsOver the past 20 years we have strived to develop relationships with other supplies for the purpose of providing additional services to our customers. The relationships have grown into strategic partnerships that have taken root in nearly every U.S. state. Our quality, dependability and expertise have enabled us to service our customers through national pallet management and service programs

Inventory Control
Inventory Control

  • Lumber and Things with their automated barcode systems can provide customers with detailed repair information and inventory control
  • Our automated repair line allows us the flexibility to repair over 16,000 pallets daily

Transportation Logistics

Transportation is a key element in today’s economy. Our fleet of 30 trucks and 700 trailers coupled with our strategic partnerships, enable us to service our customers reliably and on time anywhere in the U.S.



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